Flight Bag Detox: How to Streamline Your Pilot’s Flight Bag

Our own lives are littered with crap!

Our inboxes are full of emails. Our garages overflow together: lawn gear, child’s toys, automobiles, bikes, boxes. Our cabinets are stocked with components so rarely found that we cringe at the notion of how long they have been in there!

This hoarding has also passed to different pieces of our own lives, such as aviation What is 180. Pilots love their toys and gadgets. There are numerous websites to search for them and it feels like we can not get enough. However, in addition to the flight preparation tools, navigation gear, and required books a flight tote may get jam-packed using arbitrary” in the event” toys.

Skateboard, Skater, Skate, Black, White

By way of instance, take a look at this detailed list I discovered at an internet forum a pilot really conveys! He states,

  • “I carry around a whole lot, perhaps too much. In no Specific order”:
  • Spare CR123 batteries
  • And he does not stop there!!! He intends to include:
  • Sigtronics 4-place mobile intercom
  • 11″ flight bag module (for overnight)
  • An Extra 6″ flight tote section (so that I will carry my spouse’s headset)


Yes, I understand this guy (I am not sure we ought to label him a guy because his flight tote seems more like a handbag!) Carries WAY over the normal aviator and many people choose to cut back on the non essentials.

However, let us take a little time to consider what we typically take within our flight tote. Write down a list of all, from the head to the kind of gum you munch. Have a minute now and we will return to a listing in just a bit.

Personally, I keep things easy.

Simple explanation: Compute the 20 percent of gear on your flight bag which you use for 80 percent of the crucial flight jobs. (throw out the rest! ) )

Yes, in a crisis a few tools will make life simpler, but I love to play with the chances and hope for the best. My Scout Master’s throat would be popping out at this time when he knows I overlook the motto”BE PREPARED”… Oh well!

  • MY LIST:
  • David Clarke Headset

Kneeboard – Carries all vital documentation, identification, log book, E6B flight computer, paperwork, two pencils, 1 pencil, a little cereal bar and a bunch of hot fruit.

These are 3 pounds. The 10 percent that get nearly all the flight completed.

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