Burley Tail Wagon: The Cadillac of Pet Trailers?

The couple started on a small scale, selling bicycle bags in a Saturday market in Eugene, Desiring to remain car-free and use their bicycles for transportation, Alan made and constructed a lasting trailer so that he could transfer his daughter and tote stock 30 miles into the marketplace each weekend.

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After viewing the trailer in the current market, people started asking if they might have a similar one constructed, so, Burley Bike Bags ended up getting a Bike Trailer Manufacturer.

The significant question concerning this item is as among the priciest Pet Trailers on the current market, coming in about $399.00 retail, is your Tail Wagon value it?


The organization’s standing for long-lasting, strong products extends for its own Pet Bicycle Trailer Best large dog bike trailer. I feel exactly the identical way about towing a puppy as I would a kid and feel wheels and suspension aren’t an area to lower corners.

The structure is topnotch and has a maximum capacity of 75 pounds. On the street, the trailer is super secure as a result of side Battens along with a very low center of gravity. The 16-inch alloy wheels are extremely durable and the exact same quality I would search for in my bicycle and combined with suspended flooring makes for a comfortable, secure ride for Fido.

Constructing the trailer is extremely straightforward and quick and hitching up it to a bicycle is a breeze. There are a couple of alternatives for setup, and the trailer may be towed fully open or enclosed. These alterations are fine; as your pet gets comfortable riding you can experiment with opening the top cover once you are feeling that your dog will probably be OK with further exposure.

If not riding the whole trailer folds down to some moderate 35 x 23 x 13 inches. For extra convenience, the Tail Wagon includes a removable floor and a reverse down tailgate. The tailgate is a superb feature for bigger dogs getting in and out of this trailer.

For carrying firearms and treats to your puppy and power bars for all those hills, the Burley has a lot of pockets and tie-downs. Additionally, because the trailer features good flooring in addition, it is fine for hauling freight such as markets. The only issue could be following riding in this roomy, comfy Pet Trailer your puppy may not need to get left in the home while you go shopping!


A little bit of research online made me sure that this business creates a preview that can last through a generation or two of feisty canines. Searching through eBay listings for a used one, there were also lots of bids and the resale value was around nearly 70 percent, but not much difference from brand-new! Thinking about the fantastic quality and long-lasting building, I believe purchasing a Tail Wagon will spend less in the future and make for a fun ride for both you and your furry pal.


To discover more about Pet Trailers, security tips, purchasing guides, merchandise and much more, why don’t you visit our website Pet-Trailer. Together with a fantastic choice of trailers, for every single purchase, we donate 10 percent to Buddy Dog Humane Society that a superb refuge in New England.

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