Re-Batching And Hand Milling Cold Process Soap-Basic Method

When a heap of hand made soap does not go as planned there’s an easy fix. Re-batch it. Re-batching is a fairly straightforward procedure. First, you have to figure out exactly what went wrong, maybe you overlooked an oil, or used too small lye, or perhaps you just forgot to bring a fragrance Now you’ll have to fix this.

Hand Milling Cold Process Soap

In case the problem has been a missed oil you’ll have to add it into the batch through the grinding procedure. The simplest approach is that a food processor but shredding by hand functions also even a salad shooter functions.

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If the soap does not firm up there isn’t any demand for extra processing only put it in the bowl or crockpot The following step is melting down the soap. It’s quite slow but also means there’s more space to control what’s happening.

Another choice is to the stove in a pot on low or at the microwave, each of which is rapid approaches but the drawback is that it may burn off your soap or overcook them quite quickly. From the microwave you could also encounter a soap’volcano’ that will erupt in scalding hot soap lava’, re-batching from the microwave must be viewed very near.

If the soap has healed for some time you’ll have to put in a little bit of oil or water. I would rather drizzle in a couple of tablespoons of water at the night or night before I plan on melt my shreds.

It appears to soften up the soap considerably and makes for a smoother finish result. The Final Result of a re-batch or hands mill Won’t Ever be super easy like the first but there Are Several Ways to
Cover the bumpy shirts of this soap. Only get creative!

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