How to Find a Wall Stud

Among the toughest things to do if hanging something about a wall would be locating the stud (or wall framework ) to hang it on. Sure you can utilize mollies or blossom anchors (and occasionally you’ve got to for a particular place ) but these approaches do not work really well and lead to harm to the wall how does a stud finder work. The ideal thing to do is utilize a stud, but just how can you find one correctly?

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Find a Wall Stud

The simplest way is obviously a stud finder, however, they aren’t always accurate. Below are a few strategies for using a stud finder which can allow you to make sure you’ve found a stud. To have an overall idea of where a stud should be, which means that you may better know whether the finder is true, use some logic of the way the wall is framed. Here are some tips:

  • There’ll always be a stud in a wall corner and within 1.5 inches of a door jamb.
  • There’ll be a stud straight to a side ot another of an electric outlet or light switch.
  • When it’s an exterior wall (i.e. on the exterior of the house), the studs will be at a spacing of 12 inches on center (common) or 16 inches on center (less common).
  • If it’s an interior wall (i.e. within a present room), the stud spacing will be 24 inches on center (common) or 16 inches on center (in case of a load-bearing wall).

With these guidelines, you might have a fantastic notion of where a stud iswithout a studfinder. Among the most effective approaches to double look for a stud prior to going drilling and beating is to utilize a tiny drill bit. As soon as you believe you’ve found a stud, use a small drill bit (such as 1/32″) to earn a little hole.

If the little moves publicly after a 1/2 inch, then there’s not any stud. By employing this little bit, you can create a couple of holes across a wall to test for a stud, and also readily patch them afterward (usually a little piece of paint can seal this little hole)

By way of instance, in an interior wall begin at a corner and then quantify out 24 inches across the wall. Keep repeating this until the conclusion of the wallsocket.

With these ideas and tips, you can assess the truth of your stud finder until you tear in the wall, or perhaps locate a stud without so much as using a stud finder.