Larvivorous Fishes – A Step For Mosquito Control!

Nature is magnificent, filled with varied, eccentric flora in addition to fauna. Some animals are helpful for us while others produce hindrance for our living. These troubling components”mosquitoes” play a very critical part in creating our life more unhealthy.

Mosquito Control

They strain in all kinds of water and shallow grass infested ponds, swamps, pits, gutters, and all other sorts of water bodies mosquito misting systems. Various species of mosquitoes prefer different areas for breeding. Throughout the last few years DDT and other insecticides are used for controlling mosquito menace but these compounds caused lots of ill-effects on individual wellness.

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Fish are a natural enemy of mosquito larvae and eggs consequently, is a fantastic ecological method of bilogical control practiced as olden days. All these fishes are known as as”LARVIVOROUS FISHES”. To get a fish to be Utilized as a larvivorous fish it should comprise following characters:

  • It be of small size in Order to move freely,
  • It needs to be sturdy fish,living in deep in addition to in shallow water,
  • It ought to breed freely in restricted waters,
  • It ought to not have any food value.

The eggs, larvae and adults of all mosquitoes shape exceptional food for the fishes. Some fishes feed on mosquitoes during their life while some prefer to feed them for just a specific time of the lifetime. The fishes that feed on mosquitoes during their life are essentially used for larvicidal functions of bilogical control. There are numerous exotic in addition to native species of fishes which are great biocontrol agents.

  • Exotic Species
  • Indigenous Species

Biological control with the assistance of fishes is the most sensible and affordable method. Fishes belonging to the family Cyprinodontidae are many effective larvivorous fishes and meet all of the characters which are required for successful mosquito control. This practice of successful biocontrol needs more attempts to be utilized on a mass scale.