How to Solve Worm Composting Bin Issues

Even after you have finished assembling your wood bin to your worm composting needs, a few more common problems may still appear. Sour conditions along with your red worms bin might appear because of poor maintenance of the number one bin rental Burnaby. But don’t worry, since these issues can definitely be solved. Here are a few common situations you might encounter and may resolve straight away.

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Selecting the Ideal Waste Bins

Of course, a lot of anything is really not good. If your bin for vermicomposting is too moist, then it may have lead to some couple of leaky drainage holes, or from excessive quantities of moist food positioned within the bin. This may actually cause a watery surrounding.

You can fix it by incorporating some shredded newspaper, to help absorb the extra water. Now if your bin is too dry, then you can begin moistening it by spraying on some water. Be sure that you spray evenly on the whole region, and also to check to the temperature of your bedding.

A really hot bin or a really cold one, can be very poisonous for your home worms. You can temporarily set-up an ice tray (with some ice of course), and place it in addition to the pig bin. If winter period comes, it is best for you to figure out ways to keep your worms warm, especially when they can’t create any body warmth by themselves.

To fix this, you might cover and keep the pig bin by covering it with a blanket. You may also put a rug underneath it or use safe heating pads that may be set under the worm bins base. And in case your worms are still undecided about the hot and/or cold temperatures, then you may want to move them to a place where the climate can be controlled, such as the garage or cellar for example.

Situation 3: Food on your bin is currently rotting

After the food that’s been abandoned in the worm bin starts to rot, then there are just two things that you ought to consider: it’s either you have put in a lot of food to your worms, or you’ve put in food that is too large for them to eat.

Take note that red wigglers need small sizes of food to be in a position to easily consume it. Aside from that, rotten food surplus may cause unwanted visits from pests, bad scents (the bin starts to smell bad when the worms are fed with the wrong sort of foods, etc.) and an unstable habitat. You can fix this mess by simply taking out the excess waste inside the pig bin. And to fix the bad odor, you may open the lid to let the bad air out.

In this manner, worm composting bin mishaps may be averted.

Now you understand what to do when your worm composting bin provides you troubles later on. So it is ideal to always be ready and be knowledgeable about it. And when you’re looking for more tips on maintaining your worm bins exactly the ideal way, or just simply looking for suggestions on woodworm bin construction, you may just visit

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