Lead Generation – A Necessary Evil?

Come and float in the ocean of information and drive your business to success!

Within a few moments I got a reply:

‘Would love to”swim in the sea of data” but past experience has shown me that the sea is filled with floating turds and other rubbish to not mention sharks.’

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It made me chuckle and I could not stop myself equally humorously responding and in the Exact Same time reassuring this fellow:

‘Oh, dear sounds like you were bitten by one of these sharks and are still licking the wounds using a turd stuck your nose up Am sorry for your bad experiences with an unscrupulous lead production lead generation company. I can assure you we are not one of them.’

Unfortunately there area lot of dodgy lead generation businesses out there.

Selling and buying consumer information is trivial and though I can’t see that demand changing in the foreseeable future, what I do see is that the way by which information is recovered.

Lead Generation Review

My feeling is that customers will start accepting the reins and control of by starting to take care of the fact that their advice is for sale.

Lead generation organizations are essential for a businesses to flourish. They have come to be the trend of the 2000’s. 1 thing that cannot be avoided is how information use is shifting. The children born to the Web are becoming the adult people that are more informed. The lead generation industry has to be on alert.

Soon it won’t be sufficient to say the supermarket discount card provides you the melon for half the price. Since the new Gen Y generation starts to age and the generation after them become even more collectively conscious, they will repair the hurt mass consumerism and with it info whoring has had on the people as a whole.

Can the lead production industry match that? Isn’t it time the business evolved?

For today lead generation companies are still the’it’ business. Most businesses know that if they want their business to succeed they will need to use as much consumer data as you can. Thus far lead generation firms do this best.

Can you imagine when the time comes (I believe it will be arriving ) when a customer can trace the circulation of their information sale? This could wreak havoc but may be much more conscious approach to approach matters.

If a person were an activist against particular products they wouldn’t want their information being sold to somehow, even though it were only via an elimination process, to gain a business they do not want to encourage. How would a lead generation company prevent that from happening? Would they have to have an ethical release form?

The truth is the lead generation industry may be on the way out as it is likely in the future the capability to track the flow of information will open up a door for a whole new kind of data flow business: a new concept in an industry that is continually constructing new notions as it expands.


To acquire it you must be in it. Corny as hell but true. For now, lead generation companies are still the way forward, and also the easiest way to prevent the bad’s, perhaps not get bitten by sharks (unscrupulous lead generation firms ) and avoid having a turd stuck up your nose, is to choose a company that IS reputable. Don’t cut costs as somewhere down the line that you pay the price.

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