What Makes Your Handyman Business So Different?

If your Handyman company doesn’t have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), then you might be leaving thousands of bucks on the table…

What’s a Unique Selling Proposition?

A properly defined USP essentially lets your prospects understand the benefit that your handyman company has over other rivals supplying the handyman services. It is here where you reveal all of the ways your handyman support differs, unique, or exceptional from your competition.

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If your message does not stand out from the competition, then you have to reevaluate your USP.

Here’s an example of how successful a USP could be if properly defined and promoted:

Several decades back, two brothers required to put themselves through school so they chose to purchase a present pizza business. To make a long story short, they https://www.scrantonpahandyman.comcould not compete in the competitive marketplace for pizza; therefore one of the brothers abandoned the company and sold his share to the rest brother.

Largely due to a very simple business model and a easy USP that distinguished itself from all of its rivals, Dominoes became the pioneer in the pizza industry despite having tens of thousands of local rivals all around the nation.

If your pizza was not delivered in time, you did not need to pay.

In case you discovered, Dominos did not promise”the best tasting pizza” or even a great deal of tomato sauce or additional toppings. Dominos stuck into a big guarantee… we will get it to you whether it is still fresh and hot. . .and we promise it!

USPs can burst your earnings and take your company to the best if you specify and promote the ideal message!

How Do You Develop Your USP!

First you have to determine what’s unique about your own handyman company and how it might benefit your clients…

Your USP Has to Be unique

It ought to set you apart from everybody else in your business
It should convey a Particular advantage to your clients
When you do your second form of advertising, ensure that your USP message is the very first thing your potential clients see!