Ovarian Cancer Stages: The Four Stages You Need To Be Aware Of

You will find four ovarian cancer phases, these stages indicate just how much cancer has spread. Treatment tends to be more specific for every phase. To find out what stage your cancer is scans and tests will be needed.

The ovarian cancer stages are;

This stage is where the cancer has spread to the exterior of the uterus, but is still within the boundaries of the pelvis.

This stage occurs when the cancer has spread to different areas of the body, this could be the lungs or liver. If that is the case but the cancer is only on the surface of the affected area then you will nevertheless be classed as phase 3.

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It is crucial to discover what point you’re at as remedies will differ for each stage, upon diagnosis of ovarian cancer, your doctor will refer you to have the adequate tests. When the stage was identified treatment will either be started or changed to suit your needs.

This process of staging was set in place from the International federation of gynecological oncologists, hence it being known as FIGO.

Each phase of ovarian cancer is split into 3 categories, all these are a, b and c.

Phase 1.

This means that the cancer is found only within one of their ovaries.
B this means the cancer is found inside both of their ovaries.
C this means that the cancer is affecting both ovaries and the ovary surface.

Stage 2.

This means that cancer has been observed in either the uterus or fallopian tubes.

C this means that cancer was proven to affect all areas of the pelvis and the abdomen area.

Phase 3.

C large claws may now be found on the abdomen lining, groin area or at the rear of the uterus.
Stage 4 has no classes, this is only because cancer has been found to be impacting different parts of the body.

Regardless of what stage you are at, there are a few organizations that help you handle your situation. Not only can they provide you support, they can also provide you with information on a range of things such as benefits, adaptations, or counseling.


Ovarian cancer stages ought to be suitably identified, this is so the remedy can be changed to match. Knowing which ovarian cancer stage you’re at means that you receive the most effective treatment available, when you go to get a check-up the cancer has spread into another phase your therapy is going to be transformed.

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