Tips For Redesigning Your Bathroom Space

Bathroom renovations are a great way to redo your home, adding new flooring, toilets, showers, vanities, cabinets, and more. Bathroom renovations generally only take approximately 3 – 8 days to complete the construction stage, and it is not uncommon for homeowners to actually spend a couple of months picking out fixtures and materials, deciding on an overall style, and deciding on a timeline.

Bathroom Space

Your seasoned Renewal Specialist can work with you to create a plan that suits your individual needs and budget. No matter what kind of bathroom makeover you want, the right professional can help make your dreams come true.

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Lighting is perhaps the most important aspect of bathroom renovations. Proper lighting is necessary to ensure a safe experience when grooming yourself. The perfect lighting ensures privacy and eliminates the need to slouch while brushing your teeth bathroom renovation near me. Proper lighting also helps to highlight your beautiful tiles, vanities, countertops, hardware, faucets and other bathroom fixtures, helping to make them pop. A qualified renovation specialist will work with you to ensure you get just the right amount of light for the entire room.

Tile and grout quality are also important when considering your bathroom renovations. Tile and grout can be sealed to improve moisture and staining resistance. A qualified bathroom remodeler can advise you about the different options available to you including tile sealing, grout sealing, ceramic tile sealing or even custom tile sealing. You might also want to consider underfloor heating for that warm, cozy feel to your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom tile can come in many different styles, colors and materials. Many homeowners opt for porcelain tile, which offers years of durability, a beautifully refined appearance and many beneficial features. Porcelain tile can be sealed to provide stain and water resistance, improving its lifespan. Marble, on the other hand, is a more traditional choice for bathroom renovations, and many homeowners prefer this beautiful tile for its beauty as well as its durability and sturdiness. However, marble is also expensive, so many homeowners opt for cheaper alternatives including granite, quartz or tile.

Homeowners also have a choice of lighting when planning their bathroom renovations. Traditional, task lighting should be placed on shelves, dressers and mirrors. More modern homeowners are turning to LED lighting options for their lighting needs. In addition to being energy efficient and inexpensive, LED lighting offers a wide array of choices for decorating your space, including dramatic pin lights and subtle scatters.

One of the most exciting aspects of remodeling any room is choosing the colors and designs for it. Bathroom renovations offer many opportunities to express your personal style. But keep in mind that each area will require different types of paint and design. In addition, many homeowners find that using a combination of different design styles results in a better overall finished look.