Simple Tips For Deck Sanding

Deck sanding is a pretty straightforward activity. However, if you don’t have the right tools or time to perform this task, some DIY advice will still work for you. It’s definitely a wise course to take, especially considering the fact you will save yourself some money and the hassle involved in the task. Here are some tips that will help you achieve the look and feel that you want for your deck.

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One of the first things you should do before attempting any form of Deck Sanding is to make sure you use the proper tools. It’s best to use the right kind of sandpaper Deck Sanding Melbourne. For example, an all-purpose sandpaper won’t do as well as one specifically made for deck sanding.

Tips For Deck Sanding

When you go to buy your sandpaper, be sure to ask if it’s suitable for this job since many products sold in the market today claim they’re fine but can also harm the surrounding areas if not used properly. You can avoid this by reading the instructions carefully before you buy the item.

It would also help a great deal if you opt for the right product for the job, as there are different kinds of Deck Sanding tools you can use. You should mainly consider buying a random orbital sander instead of a professional sanding machine. A random orbital sander is a very powerful tool for sanding wooden decks. You will be able to easily manipulate the speed of the machine depending on how much sandpaper need to be moved from one part of the deck to another.

Another thing you need to consider before performing deck sanding should be the type of stain you want to apply on the wood. Though stain will only serve as a protective and protecting layer, it can greatly affect the way the color of the wood looks especially when it has already been stained.

If you are using a clear stain, you need to move the sander in such a way that the brush falls directly on the stain and does not leave any excess dust on its own. Be sure to move the sander slowly so that you don’t cause any damage to the surrounding surface while you’re doing so. By staining with an acid based stain, you can get a deeper, richer color for your Deck Sanding project, but make sure that it is also applied properly and is protected by staining protectors.

The type of stain you want to use will also depend on whether you want to use a wood stain or a resin based stain for your deck sanding project. Both of these types have different ways of acting as protectors for the wood. Wood stains are normally protected by the protective layer of the wood while resins are sometimes protected by using thin layers of coating on the surface.

Both of these kinds of stains can provide great results for your deck refinishing needs; just make sure that they’re applied properly. If you’re looking for more durable results for your refinishing project, then a urethane coating would be a better choice for you.


Finally, make sure that any wood pieces that you decide to use in your Deck Sanding project are pre-drilled so that you can use the correct shims on your new surface. Drilling your wood beforehand will make sure that it will be easier for you to trim around corners and other obstacles on your new surface. Make sure that your deck sander is in good working condition before you start your project so that you won’t end up wasting any valuable time or money in the process.