American Coins & Their History

Did you know that many people in the military have challenge coins? These coins were actually given to members of the armed forces when they return from a war or other assignment as a souvenir of their actions.

American Coins

These coins have come a long way since the coins were first given during World War II when they were simply called pennants. The designs and styles have changed drastically, so much that some people actually consider them tacky and useless pieces of waste.

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Usually, challenge coins nowadays are about 1.5 inches to 2 inches in size, and can be about one quarter to one half inches thick challenge coins for less. They come in various designs and are made from a wide variety of metals, including brass, copper, silver, zinc, tin, lead, and even gold. Some even come in odd shapes such as dog tags, hexagons, and shields.

American coins also come in a variety of styles. Most are struck in bronze, but there are a few that are stuck in sterling silver. Many British military challenge coins include an eagle in the center of the coin, which is America’s signature symbol. There are several other styles available including ones with a lion, a crown, a shield, a football, a maple leaf, an eagle in flight, etc.