A Beginners Guide to Fencing

Fencing is a sport group of approximately three disciplines. The three disciplines in fencing are the epee, foil, and the saber; winning matches are made through the contact of the weapon with another opponent. A fencer will train to learn how to parry, throw, disarm, deflect, and escape from being hit or struck. A fencing school will prepare you for these skills and will teach you how to defend yourself while fencing. Many of the schools in the world to specialize in the sport of fencing and can be found online.


A fencer is trained to use these three weapons to defeat an opponent and is considered to be the man of the sport in fencing. There are many tournaments and championships all over the world and the sport has even made it into the Olympics. With the popularity of fencing growing and its demand for fencers, more colleges and universities are offering fencing classes for students. If you want to become a professional fencer, you will need to find a school that specializes in this particular discipline of martial arts.

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The basic rules of fencing are that the fencer, also known as the fencer, attacks the other fencers with a blade, or thrust, then the defender, or target, counter attacks with the opposite blade or thrust. The attacking blade or thrust may hit, deflect, or pass by the defender without actually touching or hitting the fencer.

Once a strike has been made and there is contact the bout is over and the attacker is the victor mastergroups – Landscaping company. In most cases, the bout is won by the fencer with the most attempts made to hit or prevent the opponent from being able to touch the blade. In most cases, the match is considered to have been won when the fencer is able to put the opponent’s blade in the scoring area.