How To Become A Tree Service Technician

A tree service technician essentially holds a number of diverse jobs, all pertaining to the upkeep and care of trees on private or public lands. They might be employed by a residential landscaping company, the local government, large lawn care firms, and various botanical gardens.

brown tree on body of water under blue sky during night time

They typically care for trees through trimming, diagnosing tree diseases or insect infestations, and providing necessary pesticides or fertilizers. Trees can also be tended to by tree surgeons and technicians, as well as individuals who specialize in a particular type of tree care.

Tree Service Technician

While these individuals may not hold certifications of training or qualifications with respect to tree care, many are able to perform basic tree maintenance activities without the use of specialized equipment tree removal service. Nevertheless, for those who are interested in pursuing a career in tree care but lack special training or qualifications, there are a few avenues that an individual interested in such work could pursue.

One path is to begin working as a yard maintenance employee for a company that offers tree care services. With this job title, an individual will be responsible for taking care of the company’s trees on a daily basis. This may include trimming branches that are broken or growing excessively, taking away dead or dying leaves, pruning flowerbeds, and taking care of the company’s trees at the autumn season.

In some cases, individuals will simply do general tree maintenance while working for the company, although they may also choose to specialise in a certain area of tree maintenance.


Another path taken by those interested in tree service is to become a trained technician who performs storm damage repair. In this role, an individual will be responsible for assessing the damage caused by wind-turbine activity, which includes assessing damage from tree falls or other types of storm damage, assessing roof damage, and removing debris from damaged areas. In some cases, individuals will also specialize in repairing roofs after tornadoes.