Association Of Philippine Sports And Recreation

The Sports Association in the Philippines is an inter-organizational body of associations of persons engaged in sport activities. It was formed in 2021 as the Philippine Association of Sport and Youth Development (PASFD).

Philippine Sports And Recreation

As a part of its mission to promote sports and develop youth, it also undertakes projects that improve health and physical fitness, encourage physical education and create awareness on nutrition and exercise. The Sports Association in the Philippines is governed by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEA), an agency of the government of the Philippines.

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The Federation of School Sports Association of the Philippines is an inter-organizational body of students, teachers, parents and other concerned individuals engaged in student, school and community sports activities. It is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEA) since 1999 and is also member of the International University Sports Federation (IUSF) since 2021.

This association has various subsidiary organizations which are dedicated to facilitating sports activities and development in the Philippines. These institutions include the Central Sports Federation of the Philippines (CSFP) and the Central College Sports Federation of the Philippines (CCSP).

The mission of the association is to coordinate and integrate activities among individuals, teams, clubs, authorities and institutions involved in sports activities Annapolis, Maryland. The aim of the association is to promote physical education, encourage active participation and conditioning, develop effective leadership qualities among its members, enhance sportsmanship, and build sports facilities and equipment.

The organization aims to develop physical fitness, sportsmanship, health, and nutritional awareness, discipline, leadership qualities, and develop international standards of athletic performance, coaching and training. Among its member schools and sports programs are the following: Association of International Sports Schools and Programs, Inc. (ask Academy of Sport), Bacolod International Sports Academy, Bacolod International University, Alabang International University, Boniface College, Bacolod College, Alabang College, Bacolod University, Alabang University, Bacolod University, Christ Church University, John Henry College, Los Angeles College of Cosmetology, Mar Roxas College, Sports academies of Southern California, Sports in Manila (Mantra Sports), Pampanga Oriental High School, Sinulog Academy of Sports, Southridge College, State University of Sports &rollers, University of Sports, University of the Philippines.

The main goal of the association is to unite people from different walks of life to share common goals and purposes. It also provides technical assistance to associations and clubs in developing their sports programs and building better infrastructure.

The activities of the association are mainly concerned with the development and maintenance of Philippine sports as a sport for people of different ages and gender. For example, the association provides classes in body mechanics, physiology, biomechanics, coaching, sportsmanship, sports strategy, and sports medicine. In terms of physical education, physical trainers are part of the sports curriculum. They can also provide courses in swimming, gymnastics, and aerobics.

As a part of their activities, the association also provides summer camps for training athletes in different sports. A large number of camps are conducted each year where trained athletes will go under the direction of coaches from different schools. There are also individual and group workouts. The campers will be able to compete in different sports to improve their skills.

Aside from camps, there are also seminars conducted by different association members that address various issues about sports and their management. Seminars are also conducted to train the management of sports teams and faculties.

Some associations in the country are involved in providing scholarships for students who wish to pursue a career in sports management. There are also association programs for girls in different grade levels in secondary schools and colleges.

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