Vegetarian Recipes in Tamil

A variety of Tamil Recipes are available in the traditional kitchens of Tamil Nadu and the people are well known for their culinary skills. Vegetarian cuisine is famous all over the world because of its mouthwatering dishes that include rice, dal, mutton, and fish. Tamil also has other dishes that are not related to vegetarian food like the banana chutney or tamarind sauce.

Vegetarian Recipes

There are many restaurants and eateries in Chennai, which are famous for their mouth-watering Tamil Recipes. The best part of cooking these recipes is that you can find good substitutes for some of the ingredients while making tamarind sauce or any other traditional food that you wish to cook.

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There are many famous Tamil Recipes that can be used to prepare meat as well as non-vegetarian food. For instance, if you are looking for a good substitute for mutton you can go for the vegetarian Mutti or the chicken Mutti Indian Recipes. If you are looking for an excellent and healthy option for preparing chicken then you can opt for the biryanis. Similarly, there are many vegetarian options for preparing different kinds of curries and the like.

The vegetarian recipes available in the traditional kitchens of Tamil Nadu are mouth-watering and unique. There are many famous vegetarian dishes that are popular among people of Tamil origin and they are quite easy to prepare. For instance, there are chicken Vindaloo, Sadhams, Coconut Chicken and Spicy Coconut Curry. All these dishes are simple yet very tasty and one can make his or her own vegetarian version of these dishes at home.

On the other hand, non-vegetarian Tamil recipes are equally popular as they too are tasty and mouth watering. There are many vegetarian recipes that can be cooked at home and it is not difficult to find good substitutes for some of the more popular and well known recipes.

For instance, there is the Tandoori Egg Custard which is an excellent recipe that can be cooked with or without any meat. One can also make a wonderful vegetarian chicken curry with this recipe. Similarly, there is the popular Bhel puri which can be prepared with Indian spices or with any Indian ingredient.

A large number of vegetarian dishes are based on chicken, which forms the major part of Tamil cooking. There are many chicken recipes in Tamil which are very popular. Some of these are Chicken Chettinad which is a favorite chicken dish; Chicken Thighs which forms the base of many popular dishes, such as Masala Nandu Paruppu, Chicken Marsala that is used to prepare many delicious traditional meals and the likes.

On the other hand, there are many recipes that are based on fish, which forms the major ingredient in seafood and hence forms an integral part of most Indian recipes.

So, whether you are planning to start cooking for your family on a regular basis or are just looking for some new and interesting vegetarian recipes, Tamil can be the right choice for you. There are many websites that offer hundreds of vegetarian recipes.

These recipes can be selected according to your tastes and the ingredients available in your local market. Moreover, you can also use your creativity and add up a unique new twist to these recipes.