4 Reasons Why Drain Cleaning Sticks Are A Better Alternative To Bleach

Drip-Eating Stainless Steel Drain Cleaning Sticks are an easy alternative to toxic drain cleaning chemicals and professional drain cleaning services. Made of stainless steel, they are strong, non-reactive, and do not react with grease, soap, or grime. With a variety of sizes to fit any diameter and length of tubing, they can be used in toilets, faucets, and drains.

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Uniquely designed for easy installation, each individual stick will break down and dissolve debris and odors without clogging and soaking pipes allen drain cleaning. The powerful enzymes in each product break down unwanted odors, grease, and grime without stripping pipes. Each product is designed to break down the drain clog effortlessly and without damaging pipe surfaces.

Cleaning Sticks Are A Better Alternative To Bleach


Harnessing the incredible power of natural enzymes to prevent drain clogging and odors, these simple, quick drain cleaning sticks effectively keep drains clean and dissolves excess dirt and debris for a month-long drain cleaning experience. Biodegradable and naturally harmless, each 4″ drain cleaning stick breaks down odor and debris without stripping pipes, sinks, tubs or showers.

Made of all natural ingredients, they are completely safe for children and animals. Simply slip them into the drain and let the stick do the work. Each cleaning stick contains enzymes derived from natural food ingredients like apple cider vinegar and baking soda that break down and dissolve drain clog and odor causing contaminants.

How To Use:

These easy-to-use drain cleaning sticks are designed to break down and dissolve drain clogs and odor-causing components using their unique enzymes. The sticks are easy to use and self-sticking. Simply slip them into the drain and allow the stick to do the work.

How To Clean:

Unlike other drain cleaning tools, these easy-to-use sticks can break down and dissolve liquid and food components in drains, eliminating drain blockage and odors. The enzymes break down pollutants in the pipes and rid the drain of foul odors quickly and efficiently. Since the sticks are biodegradable, you can leave them in your drain and not worry about them decaying or causing harm to the environment.

What’s Better Than Bleach?

Simple, easier, and safer than traditional drain cleaners. Since they dissolve in liquids and odors, there is no need to resort to harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to your health and the environment.

What’s Better Than Bleach?

If you want to disinfect and sanitize your drains, opt for Green Mountain Dumpster Drain Cleaner. As an environmentally safe, biodegradable drain cleaning solution, it’s a must-have for any household. It’s easy to use with its non-slip grip. The non-toxic and biodegradable properties remove harmful bacteria and odors without harming or killing any of the natural organisms in your drain, and it’s a great alternative to harsh chemicals.