Hair Loss in Women – Causes and Treatments

There are many hair loss treatment options available for both men and women who are suffering from hair loss. The most common treatment options that are recommended by doctors all over the world include drugs, surgery, and natural remedies source. Another hair loss treatment option for women is to take hormone replacement therapy. The kind of hormone replacement therapy prescribed will depend on the:

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Hormone treatment option your doctor suggests will depend on the factors that led to the hair loss in the first place. The age of the person suffering from hair loss as well as his or her current well being are the two main factors, a dermatologist will take into consideration.

Hair Loss in Women

The age of the person can be determined by medical history and the result of an analysis of hair loss treatment conducted previously. The quality of the patient’s health can also be an important factor in the results of the evaluation. If the hair loss treatment is not getting better, your dermatologist might have to go in for another procedure.


Some of the common causes of hair loss in women include genetics, stress, vitamin deficiencies and illness. Sometimes, the causes hair loss in women are linked to changes in hormones. Therefore, you should see your doctor as soon as possible for a thorough check up. Once the root causes have been identified, you can start looking for effective hair loss treatment options to get your hair back.