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Decorative concrete is that part of a building that serves both as a substance that holds up the structure of the building and as an aesthetic addition to the structure through the use of various decorative concrete finishes and colors. Decorative concrete blocks are typically used to accent a specific design or motif on a concrete floor, wall, or another decorative surface.

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The blocks may be used as a standalone unit or they may be mixed in with the actual Concrete Decor Magazine|Decorative Concrete to create an imprint or impression of other materials. Decorative concrete is used in a wide variety of applications, including on floors, walls, patios, walkways, driveways, fireplaces, and pool surrounds among other items. In addition, decorative concrete is also used as a type of material in landscaping, specifically to create water features.

Driveway and Accessorize Overview

There are many types of decorative concrete finishes to choose from. These finishes include stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, colored aggregate, custom finished concrete, decorative concrete overlay, raised edge, custom concrete, precast poured concrete, pressed concrete, granulated concrete, textured concrete, lap work, vinyl aggregate, and specialty finishes such as decorative concrete surfacing.

These finishes provide a wide array of color choices as well as texture options that can be used on stamped, colored, or custom finishes. With the availability of various colors and textures, decorative concrete has become a popular choice in many home improvement and real estate projects due to its range of uses as well as affordability. Another factor in the attraction of decorative concrete to homeowners is the fact that decorative concrete is produced with minimum impact on the environment due to its production process.

One of the most popular decorative concrete uses is that of creating imprints or impressions using various colors and textures. These include colors of bricks, granules, sand, or other particles that are used to create designs, patterns, or images.

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These driveways are available in many sizes and shapes including rectangle, square, round, or irregular. However, it is important to note that when selecting these driveways for your home or office, you must ensure that the size of the driveway that you choose will not be too small for the space that you have available and will also not block the free space around the driveway for walkways or other outdoor areas.