Bunions Surgery – A Modern Way Of Fixing Your Bunion Problems

Bunion surgery is performed to correct the bumpiness and lessen the pain brought about by a bunion. A bunion (femoral bunion) is a deformity in the bone or joint at the lower end of a toe or at the top of a big toe.

Bunions Surgery

This one is known as a “femoral bunion” or “tailor bunion.” Bunions most often form when a joint is over-stressed for a long period. Such factors as hammertoes, arthritis, and gout are among the major causes of bunions.

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Bunions can occur in people of any age. The most common time for their formation is during childhood or adolescence when there is a lot of activity involving the big toe joint big toe surgery. The bones and cartilage can also thicken after a period of aging.

They are also more likely to form in people with a history of foot problems. Another risk factor for bunions is obesity, which increases pressure on the joints and increases the likelihood of their formation. There are some people who are predisposed to bunion formation, so they must also watch their weight if they want to avoid bunions.

Bunions surgery, also known as replacement surgery, is a modern way of correcting bunions. It is not commonly done, but it is an option for those who cannot avoid getting bunions, and for people who are troubled by their persistent presence.

During bunion surgery, the doctor will make a big toe joint section from the patient’s big toe. With this new section, the bones and cartilage will be less vulnerable. This procedure has a success rate of about 80 percent and is very effective in getting rid of most types of bunions.