The State Of Florida Needs To Re legalize Drug Treatment Programs

Recently in Florida, as reported by the Naples News, the state’s Department of Health and Human Services sent a letter to the families of kids with developmental disabilities asking them to check for mental health background information on their children.

Drug Treatment Programs

In doing so, the DHHS was conducting what is called an on-site eligibility verification walk-through of one of the new state-funded facilities for people with developmental disabilities that are opening in Florida. This is the same place that the state has decided to shut down all their in-home adult daycare centers.

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The reason for the move is that the public mental health services have “adversely” impacted the quality of life for families who receive such care. According to the Naples News, the DHHS has determined that there is “a significant likelihood that abuse or neglect may be occurring.” In addition, the statistics show that families receiving the public behavioral health system care had higher rates of suicide compared to other families.

It has also been determined that children in these types of care suffer from more persistent and severe depression Ronde. And it has been found that children in these care facilities do not fare well when it comes to school functioning.

What is the point of all this? Well, according to Florida Rep. John Mica (R-FL), the reason that the DHHS moved these services to in-home settings was due to fears by the Florida State Department of Health that there would be an increase in abuse in those receiving in-home care.

Mica said that the department “made the unfortunate decision to send the [mental health services] into residential treatment facilities,” adding that “the result is a loss of quality patient care and the potential degradation of the quality and safety of the public mental health system.

” He added that the state’s under-performing public mental health system needed to “re-evaluate its needs.” Rep. Mica also stated that he will be “working closely with the chairs of both the oversight and the House committees to ensure that these reforms receive the attention they deserve.”