Solid Gold Jewelry Wholesale – Tips For Finding a Great Provider

Here you can easily find wholesale solid gold jewelry from many different Chinese solid gold jewelry manufacturers in Thailand wholesale jewelry. Get discount solid gold jewelry at wholesale prices, Chinese loose gold, platinum jewelry, vintage gold, traditional gold and silver, vintage jewelry, American gold, modern gold, vintage jewelry, silver, cubic zirconium, costume gold, and more.

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Tips For Finding a Great Provider

The jewelry you see here is wholesale to retailers around the world and purchased directly from the manufacturers. At this time of year, the bulk of the gold that is bought in the United States is from China, India, and Brazil. This means you, the consumer, gets to reap the benefits of low prices while getting the best quality jewelry available anywhere.

When purchasing wholesale gold, you want to make sure you are buying top quality jewelry so it will hold its value or keep its dazzle for years to come. You can order from any of the three main manufacturers of Chinese jewelry: A Hong Kong owned company called Baba Ko Wai, which is one of the largest, most respected, and best-known suppliers of women’s and men’s jewelry; Jiemong Gold, the largest gold manufacturer in China and a major force on the international market; and Ye Guang Industrial Electronic Goods, a small electronics manufacturer based in China. All of these companies provide excellent customer service and a wide selection of jewelry styles and sizes. They accept PayPal, C.O.D, money orders, wire transfers, and U.S. Credit Cards.

Final Words

Once you have chosen your supplier, it’s time to start shopping. You can go to their website and look up their current inventory by joule rating, file size, style (standard, ankle, double-length, half-moon, round, etc.) and color. When you have chosen your piece(s), you will want to upload your picture and file size so the supplier can see what you are comparing and be able to give you the most accurate quote based on your specifications.