Commercial Roof Cleaning in Gold Coast, Australia

The Gold Coast is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia but is also renowned for its poor quality of roofing. Many buildings on the coast have suffered from water damage, roof damage and storm damage and one of the main problems with these buildings is lichen growth on the roof. Lichen growth will eventually cause rotting and can be a massive health risk for residents of the building. In the past, many buildings have had to be removed due to this risk but with modern technology and products such as Mainsail, there is no need for buildings to be taken down.

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There are many businesses on the Gold Coast that provide gold coast roof cleaning, but there are only a handful of companies who specialize in this type of work Website. A typical Gold Coast roof cleaning company will use a combination of modern technology, state-of-the-art equipment, expertly trained employees and a safe working environment. Using modern tools and environmentally friendly solutions is key when it comes to any type of roof cleaning on the Gold Coast. All of these options mean that there is less disruption and risk when it comes to cleaning your Gold Coast roofs. One of the most popular methods of cleaning the roofs of the beach area has been using Mainsail to clean coastal shingles.

Commercial Roof Cleaning

Mainsail is used on all sorts of roofs, both residential and commercial, because of the excellent results it offers and the minimal risk involved. For this reason it’s one of the most popular methods of roof cleaning on the Gold Coast with most buildings having it performed on a routine basis. High pressure cleaning, also known as waterjet, is another method used by Gold Coast roof cleaning specialists to get rid of the various problems on most of the roofs on the beach area including lichens, moss, tree leaves and bird droppings.

While the Gold Coast is famous for the variety of beautiful beaches and facilities on the beach, it is also well-known for its high incidence of mould growth on the roof of commercial properties. Some of the main reasons behind the high incidence of mould growth on the Gold Coast include improper ventilation, condensation, leaking roof tiles and leaking gutter systems. This in turn leads to the building of mould and lichen which are both unsightly and difficult to remove.

Mold and lichen grow on the exposed sections of the roof that has poor ventilation and/or excessive moisture. When these areas develop lichen will begin to form and will block the natural water drainage of the building. The growth of mould and lichens can be exacerbated by areas of the roof which become damp and dark due to the presence of insulation layers underneath the tiles of the building. If the insulation is located near the roof tiles, the warmth will increase the growth of mould and lichen and lead to unsightly water damage.

Final Words

To prevent the development of mold and lichens on your property, it is imperative to find an experienced and skilled company who can perform a high pressure cleaning and re-tilling on your roof. High pressure cleaning involves high volumes of water being used against the roof tiles to loosen built up soil and dust and then a high strength cleaning solution is used to loosen the tough soil. This process allows the roof tiles to once again be able to function like they were designed to.