How to Use Your Law School Experience to Prepare For a Career in Human Rights

The first year of your Toronto Law School experience will mark you out as a “Human Rights Activist.” You will be required to participate in a project focusing on the Canadian human rights movement.

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During your time at Toronto Law, you will be active in such organizations as the National Association for the Legal Support of Women, the Canadian Bar Association, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and other similar groups human rights law toronto. You will also get to participate in local community projects, work as an intern with a legal firm, and even work as a paralegal for a law firm specializing in human rights issues.

How to Use Your Law School Experience

Your work as a student will further solidify your advocacy skills and help you prepare yourself for a career in the field of human rights law. During the last two years of school you will also undertake a project focusing on labor rights. As a student in Toronto Law, you will gain an understanding of how the laws protect workers from abuse at the workplace. You may even decide to join a group in your town that is dedicated to protecting workers’ rights.

Once you have completed your undergraduate degree and are now working towards your law degree, you will need to take a course focusing on the Canadian human rights scene. This will include a study of the history of the human rights movement in Canada.

Final Words

You will need to understand the role that women and other minorities play in this country’s history. Throughout your studies at Toronto Law School, you will be required to complete numerous internships, volunteering projects, and community activities. These activities will help you develop a lifelong passion for human rights. In the end, it will also prepare you for a career in human rights law.