Hair Restoration in Austin, Texas

Hair Restoration Austin is perhaps the most wanted hair loss solution? Are you fed up of seeing yourself balding before your eyes? Don t worry anymore.

Hair Restoration

You no longer have to be bald. Today you too can finally give your hair all the shape you desire. The most popular form of hair restoration in Austin includes hair transplantation. Hair transplantation in Austin is performed by many hair restoration clinics, but you should check out as many as you can before you make a choice.

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If you think hair transplantation in Austin is too costly, then you can try a similar procedure at home that works just as well and costs less than half of what a visit to a clinic would cost.

There are many androgenic alopecia options available today. The most popular one is Finasteride, which is available in pill or spray form. This drug blocks the hormone that causes hair loss and regrowth It also inhibits the enzyme that is converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the culprit of hair loss.

The side effects of Finasteride include sexual dysfunction and headaches. in Austin, Texas also offer follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant procedure, which uses small incisions to remove the damaged sections of the scalp.

Under this procedure, hair follicles are removed from the affected areas and the damaged areas are grafted into place on the patient’s scalp. The advantage of using FUE hair grafts is that it provides an even coverage on the patient’s scalp. There are three types of FUE hair grafts – sewn-list, pillage, and strip.