The Atlantic Urban Bed Frame – Why Choose It?

Atlantic Urban Bed Frame is a unique bedroom furniture collection from the brand Atlantic. This company designs frames for both innerspring and coil spring mattresses. The company’s latest frame design is characterized by its contemporary aesthetic and modern engineering concepts. The company’s innerspring beds and coil springs are among the best-selling products all around the world. So if you are planning to buy a new bed and want to go with something classy yet contemporary, you should definitely consider buying one from this brand.

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Why Choose It?

The company’s latest frame design features an open frame that gives it the ability to follow the contours of any bedroom, regardless of the size or shape of the room Mr. Nordheimer. This means that you will not have to worry about seeing sharp edges as they will not be visible on your beds. This frame design also includes a steel headrail system that provides a comfortable headboard for your mattress. On top of that, the frame also has recessed panels that allow it to blend perfectly with the frame and wall without looking out of place.

Final Words

Another great thing about this bed frame is that it comes with mattresses that are guaranteed to give you the perfect sleep every single night. With this particular type of bed design, you can also be assured that your spine and neck will not be aligned when you sleep on it. If you want to get a perfect sleep every time, then it is highly recommended that you invest in this type of bed frame.