Why Does Air Conditioning Keep Running?

Have you ever tried to explain to your child that the air conditioning keeps running because the refrigerator is full? Most of us will not have a problem with this explanation, as it makes sense.

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But what about those of us who want to cool our homes naturally? If you run the refrigerator and the freezer door is open then that is just wasting energy. The solution to running your air conditioning without running the refrigerator is to close it before it starts up.

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If the door to your room is open and the air conditioning keeps running then you are wasting energy HVAC Columbia SC. The best way to cool your home naturally is to turn it on for a minute or so each day and then shut it off. After a few days, your air conditioner may need recharging but at least your home will be cooler. Just make sure you let the doors stay open for ventilation.

If you go to an air conditioner store then you can find some coolant or other types of solvents. Run the solvents through the coils in the air conditioner. These solvents act like an adhesive and if the air conditioning keeps running then the solvents will stick to the coils and will keep the air conditioner running long after the original ac repair job is complete.

To change out the solvents you will need an air conditioning repair manual. This should include the proper cleaning and maintenance procedures and the AC repair checklist. Having an air conditioning repair manual can save you time and money and it can help prevent the future cost of AC repair.