How to Do a Honeywell Thermostat Battery Change

A Honeywell thermostat requires two AAA batteries. To change them, you need to remove the cover on the battery compartment and unscrew the tab on the top.

Honeywell Thermostat Battery Change

This can be done easily without damaging the clips or pins. To insert new batteries, push the battery housing back into the Honeywell thermostat. Then, slide the cover back on. To use the device again, follow the same steps. Now, you can turn it on and enjoy your new thermostat!

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The Honeywell thermostat is easy to change. To begin, remove the old batteries and slide the new ones in. This will allow you to change the battery How to Change Honeywell Thermostat Battery. Once the new battery is in, replace the faceplate of the thermostat. If you have an old model, slide the old battery back on. To change a touchscreen Honeywell thermostat, slide down the faceplate. Make sure the thermostat is turned off before you remove the old battery.

A Honeywell thermostat has an on/off switch on its side. First, you need to turn off the electricity to the thermostat. Then, remove the battery holder. Next, flip the device upside down and place the battery at the bottom. Be careful not to do this in the wrong way, as it could damage the faceplate. If the thermostat is not working properly, you should wait a few hours, and then try again.